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Traine (Now The Dock) Raleigh Wedding; Spring in North Carolina

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Kelly & Chris - what a dream! They are literally the cutest humans ever! I honestly have no words to describe how perfectly beautiful and fun this day was. It was an amazing balance with a perfect guest list and of course most in love bride & groom!

The Details

This day could not have been more beautiful - between the people they chose to have by their side to the weather - it was absolutely perfect. Simple, elegant, neutrals with a bright smile of the bride & groom - the perfect elements for a fabulous and beautiful day. Also - how freakin' cute are these honey favors homemade from the bride's side of the family!

The Ceremony

If you've never been to The Dock (formerly Traine) in downtown Raleigh at seaboard station, you are missing out on a hidden gem. This venue was the perfect backdrop to Kelly & Chris' first look, ceremony, and party. Being one of the first parties for this crew in over a year, they came ready to celebrate!

The Reception

Modern, bright, and whimsical with the perfect space for a real party - With drinks full (& keep 'em coming) their DJ, who just so happened to know the couple personally (the best!), went straight out of the gate with meatloaf, paradise by the dashboard light - how do you *know* someone is from "the North"? every person in attendance knows every word to this 8-minute song (everyone from New Jersey knows this song...I swear). Honestly what a GREAT song though - yes I was right there singing along to every word.

All these two wanted to do was dance the night away and that is exactly what they did. Don't worry, they kept the party going at the hotel origin afterward. 1 minute in this reception room, where Kelly & Chris were in the thick of it all, and you'd expect nothing less from this group.

The Newlyweds

Alright - these two are just *gahhh* I cannot! I've said it once and I'll say it again - the sweetest humans! I love working with couples who just enjoy everything that life has to offer and they do just that. Their philosophy for booking vendors for their wedding is exactly how I like to live my life.

"we basically chose vendors that we liked as people." - Kelly

Kelly & Chris GET IT. Vibe with your vendors and everything will work together on wedding day. They surround themselves with people who radiate positivity because that's who they are as people and it just spreads to everyone around them, with each passing second. The toasts that were given and the stories that were shared, just reinforced that we need more people like them in this world! Congratulations you two! I know you will continue to do amazing, heartfelt things for many years to come!

Side Note: How freaking amazing are Courtney's photos!


Coordination: Bri By Design

Venue: The Dock Raleigh (formerly Traine Raleigh)

Bride & Groom Accommodations: Origin Hotel Raleigh

Catering: Rocky Top Catering

Photographer: Courtney Collins

Cake/Dessert: Publix at Peace St.

Makeup: By Stasia

DJ/Band: DJ Dave

Florist: Teacup Floral

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