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Need Some Photography Inspiration?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Recently Engaged? Congratulations! Your happily ever after has just begun and we are so excited for you!

There is so much to think about and so many things to get out of your head and on paper... but WAIT! enjoy the moment first! Take some time to yourself as an engaged couple, enjoy it, embrace it, CHEERS - you're getting married!

woooo... now that we took that breath, take some time to think about your style. Go on Pinterest and look at photos you like, don't like, the colors, the lighting, the poses -for both engagement and wedding photos! Most likely you already know if you like light, dark, or natural photos. If not, let me help you decide! Choose A, B, or C!




If you chose mostly A, you have more of a natural lighting style

If you chose mostly B, you have more of lighter & airier style

If you chose mostly C, you have a darker/moodier lighting style

There is no right answer because every couple, every engagement, every wedding is couple completely different! But discovering which of these lighting styles you like best will help you narrow down your photographer options.

Next you'll want to figure out your budget for photography. Now, just like anything in life, you get what you pay keep that in mind when determining your budget. You can find photographers for less than $1,000 but...on wedding day especially, I would highly NOT recommend putting all those precious memories in that price. BUT.... you are the master of your budget and know what it is important to you, so if you find a photographer that you TRUST at that price point and you LOVE their photos, and you BELIEVE they will capture everything you want on wedding day in the way that you want...go for it. Otherwise, I'd budget at least $2,200 minimum for wedding day photography. Also keep in mind, wedding professionals increase their prices typically on an annual basis, based on supply/demand, experience, travel, etc. so if you find a photographer you love in December but aren't getting married for another 2 years - book them now, before their prices increase!

Finally, when choosing a photographer to go on this wedding planning journey with you, make sure you find someone that vibes with you and your fiancé. Whatever your vibe is, I promise you will find a photographer who fits it perfectly. Take your time in finding them on social media, follow them for a couple weeks, explore their website, their past galleries, what they talk about in their insta stories, on their blogs, what other wedding professionals they are friends with on social media, who they interact with regularly, their captions for their wedding related photos, etc. This will tell you exactly what you need to know about that photographer, their team, and how they work, & if they fit your vibe!

Personalize your wedding photos:

Here's some inspo of photos from past Bri By Design weddings, that the couples really wanted to get ot allowed their photographer to be creative with. Although getting those staple photos is important, you also want unique photos of your day that describe who you are as a person and as a couple. Get some fun ones with your girls, get your photographer to sneak one of just the two of you enjoying a quiet moment, take photos that are conversation starters for your future kids and nieces, play with your surroundings. Just have fun with it and trust your photographer to be creative!

Photographers to check out in Central, North Carolina

Annie Timmons Photography (Lighter)

Courtney Collins Photography (Lighter)

Aster Blooms Photography (Lighter)

Dani Keane Photography (Natural)

Rose Trail Images (Natural)

Autumn Harrison Photography (Moodier)

Amber Michelle Photography (Moodier)

Photographers to check out in Annapolis, Maryland

Cassidy MR. Photography (Lighter)

Carley Fuller Photography (Lighter/Natural)

Brooke Michelle Photography (Natural)

Ang Auth Media (Moodier)

Photographers to check out somewhere in the middle, Virginia

Kristen Camielle Photography (Lighter)

Heather Chips Photography (Lighter)

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