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Intimate Caffe Luna Wedding in Downtown Raleigh

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When we think of weddings we think of lots of family and friends, drinks, dance floor full, etc. But some, just want an intimate day at a local Italian restaurant, with their closest 12 friends - especially if they already got married in a Vegas Suite, 6 months earlier.

Cristina & Jaxson were the absolute sweetest couple!

The Details

These are some of my favorite shots from a wedding day. Sometimes overlooked or forgotten, showcasing detail shots really showcase the theme, vibe, and feeling for the day the couple worked so long and hard to put together. Cristina & Jaxson did a great job of bringing in her heritage, his free and easy vibe, and their elegance as a couple. The tropical themed floral and cake stood out beautifully with the minimalistic and graceful charm that Cafe Luna provided as a backdrop.

The Ceremony

Although Cristina & Jaxson were already legally married, Jaxson told me before the ceremony - that dreaded waiting period between getting dressed and the start of the ceremony - that he was NERVOUS! Omgsh he was the cutest! I was chatting with him (and father of the bride) to keep his mind off the guests that were starting to arrive, because the groom deserves some attention on wedding day too! We here at Bri By Design will not leave anyone to fend for themselves. If you're nervous, we got your back! He was drinking ginger ale all day and didn't want any alcohol so he could remember the day and keep his insides happy. HOW FREAKING ADORABLE!

Newlywed Photos

Ugh my heart! How sweet are these two newlyweds?! I cannot handle the joy that radiates from these photos and every time I look at them it just reminds me of how special their intimate day was - which just proves how amazing of a photographer Autumn Harrison Photography is also. Caffe Luna in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina was the perfect setting for this amazing couple.

The Food

Um...yum! This small gathering had A SPREAD and Caffe Luna did not disappoint. The staff was great to work with, the food absolutely delicious and of course they made sure to get it all boxed up and sent home with the family. The cake, from Rachel Bailey Cakes, was beautiful, and they even brought vegan cupcakes for the few guests in attendance with dietary needs - literally these two are so thoughtful!

Photographer: Autumn Harrison Photography

Venue: Caffe Luna

DJ: DJ Harlem

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