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How to Find a Wedding Venue

The very beginning of planning is when we need to find a venue, - because we can't continue in booking other vendors without a date & location! But finding a venue can often be one of the most overwhelming part

- That just getting started part!

After planning and hosting more than 100 weddings we've seen EVERYTHING and can safely say there are TWO reasons couples get confused and overwhelmed when it comes to planning their wedding...

  1. They don't know where to start - They have tons of questions swirling as soon as they announce their engagement.

  2. Information overload - In our world of internet and massive information at the touch of our fingertips, they get overwhelmed!

If that is you - you are in the right place.

This is the exact strategy I use to help couples find their perfect venue, with limited stress - and it works! I even used it to find my own wedding venue!

Keep in mind, while this guide is broken down into 7 days, the actual tasks may take longer

- and that is OK!

Tips on how not to get overwhelmed when finding a wedding venue with this workbook

  • Stay on track with Days 1 - 4, (to limit overwhelm).

  • Once we get to day 5, we'll need some wiggle room: Touring 5 venues in one day can be exhausting and add to the overwhelm - which we don't want!

It might seem simple but the best strategies usually include making a plan and taking it one step at a time.

7 Steps to Finding Your Wedding Venue

  1. What Do You Like?

  2. Find Words to describe your Wedding Vibe

  3. Do Research on Wedding Venues

  4. Narrow Down your Venue Search to 3-5 Favorites

  5. Contact your Favorite Venues

  6. Tour Each Venue & Digest the Information

  7. Choose Your Wedding Venue!

Congratulations! The first daunting task is over & you officially have a wedding location & wedding date! Whew - now you can start booking other important vendors and designing your perfect day around your perfect venue!

Download the full guide, with more details & worksheets, to track your wedding venue search.

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