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How to Choose a Wedding Location in Annapolis, MD

There are so many different locations to choose from in historic Annapolis. While many couples who choose Annapolis as their wedding location are looking for a waterfront venue - there are so many places that offer so much more or a different vibe all together.

We can safely say there are TWO reasons couples get confused and overwhelmed when it comes to

wedding planning...

  1. They don't know where to start - They have tons of questions in their heads, tons of questions coming their way, and they are already overwhelmed with excitement before it begins!

  2. Information overload - In our world of internet and massive amounts of information at the touch of our fingertips, nervous or anxious overwhelm sets in when they really start planning.

If that is you - you are in the right place.

Below is the exact strategy I use to help couples find their perfect venue, with limited stress - and it works! I even used it to find my own wedding venue!

Keep in mind, while this guide is broken down into 7 days, the actual tasks may take longer

- and that is OK!

We've also listed out some of our favorites in different categories all the way at the bottom if you are ready to get started in your wedding venue search in Annapolis, Maryland and surrounding areas.

7 Steps to Finding Your Wedding Venue

  1. What Do You Like? - What is your style? You'll notice examples listed below such as industrial, barn, city, historic, water, greenhouse, etc. This will help you determine what type of venues to look for.

  2. Find Words to describe your Wedding Vibe - You'll also want to write down words like bright, moody, simple, modern, floral. Knowing your style and adding 3 vibe words not only will help you envision you wedding day but when you find the one (or a few!) you'll be able to easily add that to the short list!

  3. Do Research on Wedding Venues - You'll need to determine your guest count and start looking for venues that fit your guests and fit your style and vibe. Lucky for you, if you are looking for an Annapolis, Maryland wedding we've started that search for you below!

  4. Narrow Down your Venue Search to 3-5 Favorites - alright, we have a list of our style, 3 vibe words, and a list of potential venues. Now we need to define that list even further. Narrowing down to around 3 will really help with the next step! & limit overwhelm. Don't worry! If you narrow it down and then decide you want to add another to or replace one on the list after the next step - you can totally do that!

  5. Contact your Favorite Venues - We can't book a venue without first seeing it in person! Go ahead and contact your top 3-5 venues and see their availability to come look at the space and if they have open dates around the time you want to get married. Being flexible with dates can be super helpful if you find the perfect venue. You'll want to ask the right questions, meet the right people and really envision yourself getting married in that venue. Make sure to keep lots of notes with our free wedding venue search guidebook for the next step in this process.

  6. Tour Each Venue & Digest the Information - Once you tour the venues, take a few days to digest the information, revel in which you liked best, and then sit down with your fiancé and go back through our notes for each one. You might both get a gut feeling or warm and fuzzies with one or you might have to deliberate a bit and go through the logistics of wedding day to make sure it will work. This is where a wedding planner can help!

  7. Choose Your Wedding Venue! - You've done it! You found your perfect venue and now you have to confirm the date, sign the contract, and pay your retainer.

congratulations you have a wedding venue & wedding date!


Maritime Museum of Annapolis

White Hall



William Paca House & Other Historic Annapolis Homes

3 Historic Inns of Annapolis


Hidden View Farms

William Paca House Garden

Golf Club Style

Level a small gathering place

Intimate Spaces

134 Boutique Hotel

The Lightbox


The Lodge

2 Locations at Smashing Grapes

Barn Style

Blackwall Barn

Not to get confused with Blackwall Hitch

The Atreeum


Smashing Grapes

The Lodge

Here are a few more venues we love a little further outside of Annapolis

The Inn at Perry Cabin - St. Michaels, yes that is the same place as the wedding crashers!

The Tidewater Inn - Easton

George Peabody Library - Baltimore

Antrium 1844 - Warwick

The Tannery Barn - Taneytown

Looking for some help and still don't know how to go about this wedding planning thing? Book a free consult with us for planning or coordination or invest in a 90-minute virtual planning session. We'd love to help bring your wedding day to life in the perfect way for you as a couple!

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