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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties in Raleigh, NC

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Raleigh, North Carolina is a great place to hold pre-wedding festivities! Whether you're coming in as a destination weekend or taking a staycation - there's plenty of things to do, that maybe you wouldn't explore on a normal basis. We've put together a list of where to stay, what to do, and some itineraries to get the bachelorette party ideas flowing in one of the best bachelorette party destinations. Don't worry fellas, we've got you covered also - whether your looking for bachelor party destinations or just a bachelor's night, Raleigh has a great assortment to choose from. You can even make it a combo for a mixed wedding party celebration that everyone will enjoy!


Oak City Lights; Downtown with a big backyard - 10 guests

Beautiful bright house in Downtown - 10 guests

Historic Home in downtown with a hot tub - 10 guests

Picturesque interior in close to Downtown - 11 guests

Modern home; beautiful in the yard - 12 guests

Insta-worthy flamingo home downtown -12 guests

The Blue House downtown - 13 guests

The Yellow House downtown, with a grill and patio - 13 guests

Mini Mansion near NC State - 16 guests


The Optimist : about a 5-7 minute drive from the heart of downtown, but great Aesthetic and picture perfect

The Morning Times: Right in downtown, grab and your coffee & walk the shops

Sir Walter Coffee; Downtown near NC State

42 & Lawrence; super fun and pretty drinks, great for instagram


Caffe Luna; great Italian Food in the heart of downton

Taverna Agora; the rooftop is super cute, with good food & drinks

Morgan Street Food Hall; great if you have a group of picky eaters - there are multiple food vendors and outdoor seating

SushiNine; buy one get one sushi rolls close to NC State, gets busy at dinner time.

STIR; really good brunch, a little far from the heart of downtown in North Hills

Flying Biscuit; the best blood mary selection & amazing comfort food

Private Chef; to come to your place of stay for a fun night in


Watts & Ward

The Architect

The Raleigh Times Bar

Night Out

Tin Roof; outdoor rooftop patio & live music

Legends; LGTBQ club with dancing, video bar, theatre, etc.

Ruby Deluxe; Themed nights

Boxcar Bar; Arcade games and bar


Trolley Pub; pedal around downtown and drink while sight seeing

Wine & Design; paint a masterpiece and drink some good wine

Cigar Bar; cigars, bourbon & whiskey

Group Cooking Class; fun way to have an interactive meal!

Brewery Tour; they do the driving, you do the drinking

Wine Tasting; so many places around Raleigh, this is just one example

Spa Day; get a massage or facial in style

Axe Throwing; located in Morgan Street Food Hall, makes a great afternoon of fun

Dine-in Movie Theatre ; fun experience to watch a movie & eat a full dinner with drinks

Go-Karting; a 15-minute drive from downtown, a great indoor track, if its cold or rainy. There's also axe throwing and a tavern on site for a one stop shop.

DriveShack; a little outside of downtown, great for a larger group who loves

Spin Barre;

Risky Business

Group Pole Dancing Class; this is a fun way to be active and teach yourselves a new skill

Drag Queen Show; Brunch or Dinner shows, also available at many of the clubs downtown

Hire a "special guest"; we won't go into detail on this one *wink*

Group Boudoir; fun way to get to break the ice and get to know each other quickly

Below is a sample weekend timeline of a memorable bachelorette party


3:00pm Arrive to AirBnB (before guest of honor) and decorate with the theme for the weekend

5:00pm guest of honor arrives to AirBnB

6:00pm The group heads out for dinner & drinks (call an uber) We're going to Caffe Luna & then down stairs to the Watts & Ward Speak Easy

10:00pm Let's go dancing!


9:00am Breakfast arrives! Getting a catered breakfast is a fun way to get everyone out of bed and ready for the day! Make sure we all enjoy a mimosa or two while getting ready!

10:30am First stop, group boudoir session! We are hyping each other up and getting prepped for the day! Reminder: we don't need to be in lingerie (although this is a great opportunity for the guest of honor to snap some sexy shots for their forever beau) try matching pajamas or baseball jerseys.

1:00pm Everyone is feeling sexy & loving theirselves - so let's go love on it some more with a few hours at the spa

3:00pm Let's get creative! We're getting our uber driver and heading back to the AirBnB for in-home wine & design!

6:00pm For dinner we're getting a home chef and then playing some "how well do you know.." games!


10:00am - we're packing up our bags but the fun isn't over yet! Grab some coffee at Raleigh Times on your way to the last stop.

11:00am - Surprise! Everyone grab a feather boa and a crown, we're going to a Drag Queen brunch!

3:00 pm - say your last goodbyes to the guest of honor - next stop, wedding day!

Now, I'm not an expert in what goes on in bachelor parties,

but let's give this weekend itinerary a try.


4:00pm Everyone Arrives to AirBnB

5:00pm We're just relaxing tonight as everyone arrives - drink some beers, grill some steaks outside on the patio, play cornhole

7:30pm Your private cigar roller arrives to the house! Enjoy custom cigars on the back patio after you've had some great grilled food

9:00pm If we're feeling frisky - your special guest* arrives


10:00am call your uber, grab breakfast and coffee from Morning Times - if you're ready to start drinking skip the morning and go next door to Raleigh Times.

11:00am Brewery Tour! Hop on the bus and get to going on your private group torur of capital city breweries

3:00pm Morgan Street Food Hall for food, followed by axe throwing

6:00pm Your bay is ready at Drive Shack - head over for some food, beers, and golf. 3 hours should be enough

9:00pm head back into downtown and hit up Tin Roof for drinks and live music


11:00am Get some food in you & probably coffee.

12:00pm Last stop on the way out of town - Go Karting!

If you have a mixed wedding party - let's try this itinerary!

4:00pm Everyone starts arriving to the house

6:00pm Let's head over to SushiNine for dinner

8:30pm We'll finish of the night at Architect Bar and Social House for a nice relaxing and classy evening of drinks and conversation


9:00am We're heading over to STIR for breakfast and mimosas

11:00am Now its time for the Trolley Pub! Two hours of pedaling (or not) around Raleigh while enjoying our favorite BOYB.

1:00pm Lunchtime! We're ubering over to Rush Hour Go Karting to eat lunch, play some arcade games, go-kart & axe throw! We'll enjoy some drinks while we're there too before our next stop.

6:00pm For dinner we're getting in on a group cooking class, we'll get some wine to enjoy while we're making our pasta, don't worry

9:00pm Now we're heading over to Legends for a Drag show, more drinks and dancing!


11:00am We're heading over to the flying biscuit for some bloody marys and brunch to finish up the weekend in style.

There are so many specific activities going on every weekend - that you'll want to check local events to see what you can add that you would never be able to do any other weekend! For example, if you love donuts, check out the krispy kreme challenge in February. Raleigh always has a great pride celebration in June also! Check out local events here.

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