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A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

My top tips for throwing the best Gatsby wedding - true to the theme.

There's few things I love more than Leonardo Dicaprio Gatsby and weddings, so when my clients combine them.... all the heart eyes!! But you can’t have a Great Gatsby wedding without one important thing.... the party. Gatsby is synonymous with lavish, extravagant and a party on the dance floor! So how do you create that atmosphere?


1. Booze

When you’re watching The Great Gatsby there is booze everywhere. Even if you don't drink or have guests that don't, an open bar is a smart choice. A champagne toast, a shot of vodka at the end of your first dance, a signature Gatsby drink; have it all!

Your Gatsby Signature Drink

What about those guests that don't drink? Well you don't want them to feel out of place and they should get to experience that Gatsby Boozie feeling also (without the alcohol ofcourse). Dress up all your drinks - even a water - in extravagant glasses. Every drink gets their own glass and a garnish. Make everyone feel like Gatsby for the evening. Here's a fun signature drink that contains no alcohol at all - All are welcome!

2. A Killer DJ

Your DJ or the music you choose can make or break your theme. I know all the greatest dancing songs from the Gatsby movie, but a DJ or music consultant can find you 50 more songs that go along the same theme. They can even drop in modern day songs in the perfect places. Having a variety of music is important if you are having a variety of guests; but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Even if you have a variety of guests as long as you have a plan to get people on the dance floor you can play the music you like; It is your day afterall!

3. Ooohs & Aaahs

That element of surprise is what makes a Gatsby party just that! When Nick Carroway answered his invitation he had no idea what a treat he was in for. The sparklers, confetti, dancers, an organist, singers, ladies flying from chandeliers, a champagne tower; whatever it may be, when guests read a Gatsby themed wedding invitation they are expecting something big. This is somewhere you can have fun with it! Have special performers that really get the party started in the roaring 20s atmosphere. This is even a great opportunity to make your wedding super interactive and have a cigar rolling station!

4. A Stress-Free Wedding Couple

This is critical. Guests feed off the couple's vibes throughout the entire day. If the bride is stressed because the caterer arrived late or the flapper in corner 3 is not dressed properly, the entire theme & vibe will be in jeopardy. When we first meet Gatsby he is poised and proud. He looks as if he has no stress what so ever. Let me tell you, its because of everyone you barely notice. The planners, the organizers, the managers. He has a dozen doormen, an entire

team of caterers. bartenders, entertainers. And someone had to coordinate this all, because even the bartender said he’s never seen Mr.Gatsby! The goal of the wedding couple is to enjoy the day. You are the center of attention so you shouldn't be stressed. Additionally, you don't want to put any stress on your guests who are also there to enjoy your happiness and have a little party also. Hiring a day-of-coordinator can let you plan your Gatsby party exactly how you want it, but frees you up and the people you want with you that day to enjoy the entire experience!

5. A Free Ride

I suggest this for all my clients, but especially for Gatsby themed. You want your guests to enjoy their night, and if they have to drive to the venue than they will have to drive away from the venue. Let me suggest providing transportation for your guests! Pick a location that is neutral territory and that guests can leave their cars overnight. If you have a majority of your out of town guests staying at a hotel, this could be a great location for pick-up and drop-off. Local wedding? Have guests meet at a local high school. If it is okay for your guests to leave their vehicles at the wedding over night, maybe have a transportation service that only takes guests home after the party. This keeps all your guests safe after the interactive boozie Gatsby experience!

**Extra tip: Make sure you have a sweet ride for your entrance and/or exit! There are so many places that offer old town car rentals; for this theme its a must!

6. Don't peer pressure

Don't ask your guests to wear something super specific to your wedding. Most likely a new dress is something your female guests will buy, but if you expect everyone to be fully decked out in 20's costumes, you might lose a lot of RSVPs and people you really want to be at your wedding. To really create that 20s vibe without demanding things of your guests, try having a table of props for your guests as they walk into the venue. This could be top hats and pocket squares/pocket flowers for men, or long gloves/glitter & feather headbands for women. You could even take it a step further and get a costume shop to provide 20s costumes for all your guests!


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