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2020 Year in Review

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

January 2020

ahh pre-covid...what was that like? OH yea, so many pretty weddings with not a care in the world but celebrating love!

Katie & Zac (1.18.2020) celebrated their love story at the City Club Raleigh, downtown. This elegant space is reserved to members, so thankfully her mom had the in! This penthouse view was absolutely stunning with a couple to match! Check out more photos here. Photo: Cesar Sanchez Photography

Amanda & Sam (1.31.2020) tied the knot at the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, NC! The backdrop to their ceremony was perfect and the ballroom flip was to die for with those oversized yet simple centerpieces!

Photo: Stefani Leonard Photography

February 2020

Jenny & Erik (2.2.2020) got hitched at the Campbell Lodge in Raleigh! This was such a sweet day filled with personalized touches and amazing florals! Check out more from the gallery here.

Photo: Nine19Photography

At the end of the month, I took a trip with my girls to the Bahamas for my bachelorette party! This was literally the last cruise before everything got shutdown for COVID! My Summer was supposed to be packed with weddings so we decided to do a fun trip early so I could actually relax - it worked out great, don't you think?

Bachelorette Photos: Cassidy MR Photography

March...March...March... I mean July

COVID smacks us all in the face... I mean literally. We were lined up for a great season of 20 weddings! But due to COVID, we had some postponements and unfortunately a few cancellations. Most of our cancellations are married now though, since they opted for a courthouse wedding instead for the safety of their friends and family! Congratulations Newlyweds!

An overview of what SHOULD have been....

1 March wedding

2 April Weddings

5 May weddings

2 June Weddings

1 July wedding

1 August Wedding

1 September Wedding

5 October Weddings

1 November wedding

1 December wedding.

If you haven't booked your 2021 or early 2022 wedding vendors - I highly suggest getting on it now!

I had planned on taking a selfie with each of my couples on wedding day this year, and I started off great - but then completely forgot once we restarted celebrating. I also wanted to take a selfie on my wedding day with all my vendors - but of course I didn't tell anyone except Spencer that and you know we were a little distracted, so that never happened either. Anyway here's the 3 I got!

August & September 2020

We got married in August 2020. If you haven't already head over to the "We Got Married" Blogpost for all the details on this one! After that we celebrated for a mini weekend-getaway to the outer banks where we enjoyed kayaking, bike rides, and just the enjoyment of being married! I took tons of footage on our go pro knockoffs, but haven't sat down to put them together yet!

Honeymoon Photos: Cassidy Mr. Photography

October 2020

Weddings - yay! We finally hit the 2020 wedding season! Without fail, October was our busiest month with 3 COVID friendly weddings.

Jelena & Austin (10.3.2020) were lucky enough that their wedding venue had enough space to fit their guests, and social distance! Between the loft of the ballroom and the outdoor poolside patio, this castle manor in Angier was stunning! Check out more from the gallery here.

Photo: Hannah Cason Weddings

Jacquelyn & Zack (10.24.2020) planned a beautiful greenhouse DIY wedding in her parents backyard! The greenhouse was there, they just built a sectioning wall, rented tables and chairs, and created a beautiful atmosphere, perfect for this countryside couple!

Photo: MWalsh Photography

David & Nicole (10.31.2020) changed their venue from an indoor Raleigh venue to a Morris Peaceland Farm in Raleigh, NC. This Halloween wedding was the perfect mixture of spooky and elegance! Check out more from the gallery here.

Photo: Debbi Tripp Persinger

November 2020

Megan & Mike (11.7.2020) already had an outdoor farm wedding scheduled at Thistledown Farm in Graham, NC. Although their guest count shifted from 75 to 35, it was a beautiful and intimate day that really captured who they are as a couple! Check out the full gallery here.

Photo: Dani Keane Photography

December 2020

Although our 2.5 week Holiday excursion to Europe was postponed indefinitely, we had a great first Christmas married plus Lauren & Drew tied the knot with their Disney & Christmas inspired Nuptials! We'll make the trip sometime in the next 2 years - but until then, I'll be wishing I was in Paris.

Lauren & Drew (12.5.2020) changed their venue from the Cloth Mill at Eno River to a friends backyard in Hillsborough, NC. They hoisted up a tent, rented tables and chairs and boom! What a beautiful and fun day this was to round out the 2020 season! Check out more from this gallery here.

Photo: Destiny & Adam

2020 trends that will continue into 2021

Hand sanitizer stations

Farm or outdoor weddings

Small intimate guest lists'

2021 Trends to look out for

Seated dinners (less buffet)

Creating guest experiences

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