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fun personable and cost effective wedding planner in raleigh nc that i can trust

Owner & Lead Consultant

For as long as I can remember, I've always been planning something! I threw the birthday parties for my friends, I planned the vacation itineraries for my family, and even now, I'm renovating my house, consulting on the design of a new event center for a local business, and working on design projects from lifestyle habits to events to social media.

I have a passion for traveling, learning and growing. With a BS in psychology, and an MBA in Marketing, I like to say that I have the knowledge to say what is needed but the wisdom to know when that is. INFJ at heart, Enneagram 1w2, I'm either quiet and observing or taking charge of any situation - calm on the outside controlled chaos on the inside. My unique background lets me connect and empathize with a lot of people and understand what exactly they are looking for in their new project.



Designer of Italian Excursions suitable for any age and travel level

Golf Tournament Director for 60+ tournaments per year

Planned and executed 200+ community events for non-profit groups of varying sizes

Organizer & Social Media consultant

y'all means all
should i do a first look for my wedding? the answer is if you want a lot of wedding photos and two moments of pure magic and happiness, then yes! do the first look with your fiance

Bri was so quick to jump in and help with set up, and really she's an expert. She made our wedding Pinterest-worthy, and was an absolute doll to hang out with all day.

-Alli & Justin

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